For charts to use with Bridge Command, please see the Charts Page.

Test version

Bridge Command for VR is available for testing on Windows. Please see Development News.

Current version

Bridge Command is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Previous version

Bridge Command is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.


Legacy release (Windows only)

Download Bridge Command 4.7 (33 MB)


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Old versions

Download Bridge Command 4.6 (32 MB)

Download Bridge Command 4.5 (32 MB)

Download Bridge Command 4.4 (35 MB)

Download Bridge Command 4.3 (30 MB)

Download Bridge Command 4.2 (30 MB)


Bridge Command is copyright by James Packer 2004-2022, and distributed under the General Public Licence, version 2.

Many thanks to all of those who have allowed their ship models to be distributed with Bridge Command. The copyright of these models remains with their authors, and the models may only be used with Bridge Command, unless you have express permission to use the models for other purposes, granted by the model's author.

Bridge Command uses the Irrlicht Engine (, the ENet networking library (, ASIO, PortAudio, water based on Keith Lantz FFT water implementation and the RealisticWaterSceneNode by elvman (, and the Serial library by William Woodall. Bridge Command depends on libsndfile, which is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 or 3.

The Irrlicht Engine is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group, the zlib, and libpng.