Alpha testing for use with live AIS data

To use this, you will need access to your own stream of raw AIS data, which you will need to be able to access over UDP on the computer running the map controller.

To get your own AIS data (assuming you live near the sea), you can either user a commercial AIS receiver that supports UDP, or alternatively, there are quite a few tutorials about using low cost USB Dongle to make a DIY AIS receiver, including using a Raspberry Pi. See for example or

To test Bridge Command with live AIS data, please:

  • Download Bridge Command 5.5.3 from Download
  • Install this as normal on all computers you will be using
  • On the computer that receives the AIS data stream over UDP, open the map settings ('Settings: Map' in the main launcher), and go to the 'AIS over UDP' tab, and set the port that you receive the UDP data on.
  • On the computer you will be using for the main Bridge Command session, create a new scenario, in the world area you have AIS data for.
    • In this scenario, create as many ships as you want to be associated with the AIS targets received. It does not matter where these are located, and no leg information is required, as this will all be overwritten. Other ships that won't be associated with AIS data can be created in the normal way.
  • Start the map controller on the computer that is receiving the AIS data
  • Start the scenario on the main computer. Make sure that you enter a hostname for the map controller computer in the scenario selection window, even if it is the same computer ('localhost')

At this point, the scenario should start as normal, but you should also see live AIS contacts appearing on the Map Controller display. If not, something isn't working properly!

To link a ship in Bridge Command to an AIS contact:

  • Make a note of the MMSI of the contact you want to link to
  • Select the other ship you want to link in the Map Controller
  • Type in the MMSI, and set this

You should then see the own ship replace the AIS contact in the Map Controller display, and the ship movement appear in the Bridge Command window.

This is for initial testing, please feed back by email ( or via the Forum if it works, or if you have problems.